Jordan Anderson


Jordan Anderson and his race team, Jordan Anderson Racing , is fueled by an incredible, close-knit team of fans and sponsors with a focus on integrity in the pursuit of excellence; and Swann Security is one of those proud sponsors.

According to Jordan Anderson, their team goal – and trademark -- is to “Embrace the Journey” and to never give up – whether on the track, in the pits, or at the race shop. Every single team partner, and fan is what keeps their race cars running on track and their team performing to the best of our abilities.

In any team sport, the old adage about how “teamwork makes the dream work” rings no truer than in the world of motorsports. Founded in 2018, Jordan Anderson Racing was built upon principles of integrity with a pursuit of excellence in all areas of the team. Since the #3 team made their debut in Daytona of 2018 the progress upwards has been non-stop thanks to the hard work of each team member and partner – Swann Security being one of the newest. Through a culture focused on learning and improvement, the goal has been to improve each and every season with no plans on looking back.

Already in the 2021 season, Jordan Anderson has found success with a 2nd place finish at Daytona in the Camping World Truck Series, riding in the Swann Security Chevrolet Silverado. That finish has resulted in a diecast car being made available for pre-order on Lionel Racing, in both 1/64 and 1/24 scale versions.